Friday, 22 July 2011

Hayling Seaside Railway

Hayling Seaside Railway

I've been rather busy recently and haven't done much modelling, but I am still here and I've not forgotten about the blog.

At the end of last summer we went to Hayling Seaside Railway for one of their steam weekends. Emmet was the visiting locomotive.  It's just over a mile long according to Wikipedia and the scenery isn't that varied, but I've always had a soft spot for railways on beaches.  We started out from Eastoke Corner and took the train to the main station at Beachlands.  When we arrived at Beachlands it was starting to rain but as part of the station is under cover we got out and watched Emmet being prepared for the return run.  By the time Emmet was running round the train the rain had got fairly heavy so I took a couple of quick photos and got back in the dry.  The rain had stopped by the time we got back to Eastoke,so we had a play on the adiZone outdoor gym went for a short walk before heading home.

The station and sheds would scale at around 100x30cm in 009, so a micro layout could be built without any compression.  Google maps shows the size of the station and this photo shows compact shed area.  It would be good to include a representation of the line across the beach, but to keep space down this could be kept quite narrow.  If the fiddleyard exit was to be hidden then the scene would have to be modified, a building could be used, or the amusement park could be moved to the hide the exit.  The other option would be a cassette fiddleyard in plain view.  beach.  Operation would be fairly limited, as the line can only have two trains running at a time - either two passenger trains, or a passenger train and a demonstration freight train, but modellers license could be used to make operation slightly more interesting.

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