Monday, 15 November 2010

Bure Valley Railway

BVR No. 8

This summer we visited the Bure Valley Railway, a 15" gauge miniature railway, built on trackbed of the old standard gauge branch line from Wroxham to Aylsham. After told my two year old daughter we were going on a steam train, she announced that she they were noisy and she didn't like going in the dark. We eventually realised that she must be remembering a visit to Moors Valley the previous summer, where she was upset by other children screaming as the train went through a tunnel. Fortunately she thought the tunnel was brilliant this time and we all had an enjoyable ride.  The scenery isn't spectacular, and the intermediate stops are halts rather than stations, and it's a short walk at the Wroxham end of the line to the river. There is a path running most of the length of the line, and some connecting footpaths so it would have been possible to walk some of the return journey and have additional photo opportunities, however the weather was looking ominous and the children were a bit tired, so we got the train back.

Of course Colin Lea has visited it (I'm beginning to think he's visited every narrow gauge line in the country) and gave it 65% on his marking system.

Here's a couple more photos, there's plenty more in my Bure Valley Railway Set on Flickr.

BVR Diesel

BVR No. 8

Bure Valley Railway
Bure Valley Railway Set on Flickr

Friday, 12 November 2010

ExpoNG 2010

ExpoNG is one of bigger specialist narrow gauge shows. I've never been as it's just under 2 hours drive away and I only passed my test this summer. This year there were a few layouts I really wanted to see I decided to brave the M25 to get there.

Rhyd Ddu (009)

ExpoNG was the first exhibition of Colin Lea's Rhyd Ddu, and was one of the reasons I made the trip. It didn't disappoint, and Colin looked delighted to be there despite a few minor issues which you can read about on his blog.

Koonunga Junction (On30)

Koonunga Junction is an Australian On30 layout, built in France which made great use of sound. As well as the trains there were plenty of atmospheric sounds and bird songs including the distinctive laughter of the Kookaburra.

Punta Marina (O-16.5)

Punta Marina by Henk Wust was a worthy winner of the Reinier Hendriksen trophy. Henk was very friendly and delighted in telling visitors about his layout.

Gweek North Quay (O16.5)

Gweek North Quay was the winner of the David Lloyd Trophy. I particularly liked the village end of the layout with the terraced cottages on the slope up from the harbour and the railway disappearing between the buildings in a totally believable way.

There are plenty more ExpoNG photos and reports from Michael Campbell, Simon Cox, Tom Dauben, Steve Fulljames, and Chris Ford.