Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Belfield Hall Estate Railway

I've just read a post on Fairlight Works about Belfield Hall Estate Railway. I also remember Belfield Hall appearing in Railway Modeller and drawing plans based it, though I'd not remembered how young I was at the time. The two track plans which appeared in the Railway Modeller article also appeared in a recent small layout scrapbook. When I started getting back into model railways the first track plans I drew were based on the BHER too. Maybe one day I'll build a minimum gauge line too.

Sunday, 27 April 2008



I've been making a bridge out of Wills plastic sheet. I read John de Frayssinet's article on building the East Lyn Viaduct for tips on how to use Wills sheet as I've never used it before. The trouble is I keep realising I don't know enough about how bridges are constructed and having to check things which has slowed me down. I've got one entrance finished an the other is nearly done. The only thing I've not decided is what to do about the tops of the walls; thought I've had a look at some bridges near where I work and have some ideas.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Vans and Coaches

I've a couple of old Egger-Bahn vans with the bogies missing. The goods van (left) also has a corner of the roof missing. I'm planning to switch the roofs and remove the balcony from the luggage van. I'll extend the chassis slightly and add a scratch built open section. It will then be glazed, painted and used as part of an engineering train.

I'm also building a Parkside Dundas Glyn Valley Tramway style 4 wheel coach (DM28). I got halfway through and realised that if I wasn't the interior painted I'd need to buy some paint. The plan is to scratch build a couple of coaches to make up a short passenger train that I can run round the pizza and on any future layouts.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Narrow Gauge South

On Saturday we went to Narrow Gauge South at Sparsholt College near Winchester. It was at least ten years since I last went to a model railway exhibition and it was a great day out. It was good to met some of the guys from rmweb including Steve of Fairlight Works and Dave of KBscale. Here are the better photos:
Michael Campbel's blog & photos
Steve Fulljames' posts 1, 2 & photos

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