Friday, 27 August 2010

A rainy Sunday afternoon

It was raining on Sunday afternoon, and rather than go swimming in a river with friends, I spent a while working on the pizza layout.  My two year old was fascinated and sat watching me, asking questions, and telling me what she thought I should add next.  Her ideas were surprisingly similar to some of my plans.  I spent a while cutting the polystyrene to get the shape of the cutting right.  It obviously made a difference as my wife looked at it and observed that "it looks like a landscape now".  Since last time I blogged about the pizza I've also added some card edging and started painting the bridge.  I think I've got the effect of mortar which has gone black with age, but I need dry brush the bricks, and possibly add some newer mortar.  Looking at some pictures of bridges shows that the bricks end up a variety of colours, browns, greens, dark greys and off white all featuring as well as some newer bricks which are still brick colour.  I was going to add a photo, but I've not managed to take one this week.  Hopefully I'll spend some more time building stuff next week and I'll post some pictures then.